Module 6: Trade Qualification Level

Duration: 15 days

  • Completion of Module 1
  • Completion of Module 2
  • Completion of Module 3
  • Completion of Module 4
  • Completion of Module 5
  • Identification and understanding of various air conditioning and refrigeration units and their components
  • Tools operation and utilization (drill, vacuum pump, recovery set, arc welder, gas welder, gauge manifold sets, bearings, etc.)
  • Identification and understanding of various air conditioning units’ wiring diagrams and their electrical components (pc boards, wiring diagrams, wiring cable sizes, DB’s, contactors, overloads, relays, etc.)
  • Fault Finding of various air conditioning unit’s and their mechanical components
  • Fault finding of cold/freezer rooms and their mechanical components
  • Understanding of chilled water systems and their components
  • Understanding of heat exchangers and their components (cooling towers, exchanger plates, air-cooled condensers, tube in tube, etc.)
  • Fan motor replacement and procedure (evaporator and condenser)
  • Compressor motor repair/replacement and procedure (semi-hermetic, reciprocating, open drive, screw, centrifugal, etc.)
  • Efficiency testing of compressor motors
  • Insulation testing of electric motors (AC and DC)
  • Coupling/shaft alignment
  • Super heat setting on cold/freezer rooms
  • Demonstration and testing
  • Course completion test and portfolio hand-in.

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